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One of the great needs of individuals today, is to feel the necessity of giving time, morning and evening, to sincere contemplation, Love, and Adoration to the “Mighty I AM Presence”. . . .


Too much stress cannot be laid upon the importance of contemplating as often as possible “I AM” as the Mighty Active Presence of God in you, in your home, in your world, in your affairs. Every breath you breathe is God in Action in you.

Mrs. Ballard's Talks
Mightty I AM


The Open Door

The Chart of the “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Open Door through which every human being on Earth can see God face to face, because the Chart represents the form of each one’s own Individualized Presence of God.


Mr. G.W. Ballard

Keep your attention on the Light, for the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” is the Light in the electron. The “Mighty I AM Presence” is the Light in the cells of your body. The “I AM Presence” is the Light in your Heart. The “I AM Presence” is the Light in your mind. The “I AM Presence” is the Light pouring through your hands. The “I AM Presence” pours Its Light into the Earth, into the sea, into the air, and into the fire. The Fullness of that Light is all you require!

Stand in the Light! Stand to the Light! Stand with the Light! Stand for the Light; for when the Light in your Heart greets the Light in the Heavens—the Great Central Sun—there is no longer that which the human can alter, for Light alone is the Scepter of Dominion. And the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” is that Light!

Light, Life, and Love are One. With all your Heart, all your mind, all your strength, with all your being, love the Light! Blaze It forth everywhere for the Blessing of all, that the pathway of others may be made unmistakably plain. Hold the “Cup of Light” from which they may drink, and be the Light to every living thing. You have come out of the Light, and from the Light you have received all good things.

ADORE THE LIGHT! BLESS THE LIGHT! USE THE LIGHT! AND EXPAND THE LIGHT, so the Fullness of your “I AM Presence” may accomplish the Mighty Plan of your Victory through human experience. If you will face your “Beloved I AM Presence” many times a day, you will see and feel Its Light; and as that becomes intense, all else dissolves. As mist fades before the morning Sun, so will you blaze forth that Power of Light and Love which sets all things into order and releases the Joy and Freedom, the Happiness and Victory of your “I AM Presence” into Eternal Manifestation—and through you, to all things.

Train the outer intellect to look always there—to the “Presence”—first, and hold steady long enough until you feel the Love go to your “Presence.” Then feel and visualize your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” pouring into your hand whatever you require. If you form the habit of looking to your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” first, that is the First Commandment which has always been given throughout the centuries: “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”


Description of the Chart of the “Mighty I AM Presence”

The lower figure represents the human or flesh body. The Upper Figure represents the Individualized Presence of God, which is the Electronic Body of the Mighty I AM Presence. Between the flesh body and the Presence is the Higher Mental Body, a Form just as tangible in Its own Octave as your flesh body is here, but not illustrated on the Chart. It is your Discriminating, Selective Intelligence. The Higher Mental Body knows the Perfection of the Presence, and also the imperfection–the undesirable creation which the human has drawn about itself–but will not accept the imperfection into Its World.

The Ray of Light which goes from the Heart of the Presence through the top of the head, anchoring within the Heart of the flesh body, is the Life, the Light, the Substance, the Energy, the Intelligence, and the Activity by which the physical body has Life and is enabled to move about.

When your attention goes to the Mighty I AM Presence, this Ray of Light and Energy begins to intensify and expand until the Point of Light within every cell of the flesh body responds to It. Then the process of throwing off the denser qualities of the flesh body begins. As this intensifies, the Radiance forms a Tube of Light about the flesh body.

You can call the Presence into action to make It so Invincible, so Impenetrable, that even a bullet cannot penetrate It. This becomes an Invincible Wall of Light enfolding you, and no human thought, feeling, or suggestion can penetrate It or disturb you in any way. This is one of the greatest needs of mankind today!

The Violet Flame flowing up, through, and around the lower figure represents the Violet Consuming Flame, which is released by your Mighty I AM Presence when you call for Its Action to be passed through you and your world to consume all discordant creation, past and present.

The use of the Violet Consuming Flame is IMPERATIVE! It is the ONLY MEANS by which all undesirable accumulation can be forever dissolved, consumed, and its cause and effect annihilated. Everyone should call the Presence into action to pass the Violet Consuming Flame from the feet up through the physical, emotional, and mental bodies like a blowtorch, dissolving and consuming forever every undesirable thing or condition which the human has drawn about itself. THIS IS THE ONLY MEANS BY WHICH YOU CAN BECOME FREE FROM THE WHEEL OF BIRTH AND REBIRTH, FREE FROM THE HUNDREDS AND PERHAPS THOUSANDS OF EMBODIMENTS IN WHICH YOU HAVE LIVED.


Everyone who has ever accomplished the Ascension, Beloved Jesus included, had to use the Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve and consume his own human creation before the substance of his flesh body could vibrate at a rate that would enable it to Ascend. This is what took place when His body was in the tomb, and why His body was undisturbed during that time. All must do this someday, and it is the only way by which anyone can free himself and become Master everywhere he moves in the Universe.

When you sincerely and firmly give attention to your Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” your Ascension begins that moment! The practical part of this True Understanding is that when you give your attention firmly to your Presence,” the Ray of Light and Energy from your “Presence” begins to intensify and expand, causing the Rapid Expansion of the Light within every cell of your body until the Earth loses its attraction for the body.

Then the finer part of the flesh body Ascends and is absorbed into the Higher Mental Body. Thus the Transformation from the human into the Divine takes place! All sense and appearance of age leaves the face and body; the hair returns to its natural color, and the clothing dissolves into the Garments of the Higher Octave. Then the finer part of the flesh body is drawn into the Higher Mental Body; and It Ascends into the Electronic Body of the Mighty I AM Presence,” when the individual becomes the Ascended Being–which Beloved Jesus, Saint Germain, and hundreds of others are.

This is the individual’s Eternal Body of Light that never changes. The Ascended Being can raise or lower the rate of vibration of His or Her Body, and make It visible or invisible at will in the human octave. This is how the Ascended Masters appear and disappear at will. There is nothing spiritualistic about this. It is just a Mighty Divine Law of Life in perfect action, heretofore not understood.

The Ascended Master is as far above a disembodied individual as Light is above darkness. The Ascended Master is the Conqueror over so-called death, while the one who has passed through death has failed to hold the Mastery or control of the substance and energy of the body. Therefore, he must return in another baby body, grow up, and try again to attain his Victory, by keeping his physical body Harmonious long enough for his Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” to release through it the full Power of Light and Love, and thus expand the Perfection of Itself, which is the Ascended Masters’ Victory—the Ascension!

The Color Radiance around the Presence” represents the accumulation of all the good from all the past lives of the individual. It is a great Storehouse of Energy which the individual has earned. This great Energy will be released into physical use when enough attention has been given to the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence.”

Around the lower figure or flesh form is the accumulation of whatever irritable, destructive qualities the individual has generated through the centuries. The great Mercy of the Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” is that few are ever permitted to see the discordant accumulation. This is why it is imperative to call the "Presence" to use the Violet Consuming Flame each day until this discordant accumulation is completely dissolved and consumed.

At the left of the lower figure is Mount Shasta, where some of the experiences of Unveiled Mysteries took place. At the right are the Teton Mountains where the Retreat, the Royal Teton is located. It is in this Retreat that the great Assembly of Ascended Masters takes place twice each year, to render a Mighty Service of Light, Love, and Perfection for the Freedom and Blessing of mankind and the Earth.




As we turn our attention to the Chart tonight, I want to show you what the Silence will do for you. In the first place, the only reason we do not see that Presence," the only reason Its Power does not come through is because we do not allow the energy in the emotional body to be still long enough to let it accumulate to the point where the Manifestation comes through quickly. Any Manifestation we ask the Presence” to release is to be done by the building up of the Power of the Light Substance within ourselves. If it is suddenly shocked and disturbed by talk and movement in the outer, it never is still long enough to bring forth the manifestation in the outer for which we call and which mankind requires.

If people would understand what is in the Silence and just sit down, be still until they get every rate of vibration still and the energy of their emotional bodies quiet, Perfection would automatically come through. If during the Music which is played, if you would get more and more quiet and just absorb the Healing Flame in the Music, you would go home and tomorrow your problems would be solved. All the strain and distress of your problems would be gone, because you would allow the Substance and the Power of the Presence” of the Ascended Master whose Music was being played to be anchored around you; and when you contacted the problem again, that would go before you into the problem and dissolve it.

Remember again, the Great Divine Director said: “Your attention is your power of concentration. Your feeling is your power of qualification. Your mental picture is your power of visualization.” Then whenever we contemplate that Chart, our very first obligation is to pour out our most intense Love to our “Blessed I AM Presence” which gives us and has always given us all good and nothing but good. We should offer everything we are and have into Its Heart, and call forth Its Limitless Light to flood us and all we do with Its Authority, Victory, Freedom, Protection, Perfection, Obedience, Divine Justice, and Lavish Supply of every good thing, to compel Its Divine Plan to control unconditionally all we do each day.

Description of the Chart of the "Mighty I AM Presence”

Every time one issues an Ascended Master “I AM” Decree, the Light from the Heart of the individual's Electronic Body (the Upper Figure in the Chart) releases instantly, intensifying and expanding the Ray of Light which flows from the Heart of the “Presence” into the Heart of the flesh body (the lower figure).

Through the individual’s continued Application, greater and greater Pressure of Light–which means greater Perfection–is released by the “Mighty I AM Presence” into, through, and around the physical body. That is the ONLY WAY by which one gains a momentum in the use of the Power of Light, to produce greater and more Instantaneous Action in the Fulfillment of one’s Decrees.

When the individual calls to his or her own “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” the Light in that one's own Life Stream expands and intensifies (the Ray of Light entering the head of the lower figure); but when the individual calls to the Ascended Masters for Assistance, Their Perfection—which is always eternally sustained—pours into the mind, body, and feeling world of that one through the Golden Ray enfolding the White Ray!

Their Consciousness, Light, Substance, and Energy are absorbed exactly as the Sun's Rays are absorbed by the plant life of our Earth. That is the Power of Radiation which They pour constantly to all who will accept and absorb It.

The Light Rays from each one's own “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” (the Upper Figure) are Its Radiation and Life in the physical body.

Whenever you think of either your Higher Mental Body or an Ascended Being or the Unfed Flame or the Violet Consuming Flame, as you ask that that enfolds you or blazes up through you, stop a moment, and feel It from behind pouring through your flesh. Just the same as a searchlight would pour its ray of light into a darkened room, just so, these Activities of the Sacred Fire pouring down and around you can also pour through you. And please visualize that as those great Light Rays going forth through the flesh and carrying out of the body anything and everything that is not the permanent Perfection of the “Mighty I AM.”

Adoration to the “Mighty I AM Presence”

Stand in front of your Chart of the “Mighty I AM Presence" whenever possible, and breathe into your flesh body all the Perfection of your own Electronic Body of which It is a Focus for you. You cannot possibly have any result but Perfection and ever-expanding Perfection. The more you contemplate It, the more of Its Light will you receive. This is what Beloved Saint Germain and the other Ascended Masters mean when They say: “In the Fullness of the ‘Presence’ is the Love that you require! In the Fullness of the ‘Presence’ are the things that you desire!”

May you feel the Fullness of all that Chart means and can do for you, and absorb the Victory of the Light contained within It.

Love your “Presence” with such intensity, and give It your undivided time and attention. Then ask It to flood your being, world, and Electronic Circle with Its own Violet Consuming Flame, that wherever your atmosphere moves, you automatically become the Etherealizing Love from your “Presence” that lifts from mankind the shadows of their own distress