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Violet Flame
Loved Ones

“I AM” the strength, the courage, the power to move forward steadily, through all experiences, whatever they may be; and remain joyous and uplifted, filled with peace and harmony at all times, by the Glorious Presence, which “I AM”!


“I AM” is the Full Activity of God!


“I AM” the Resurrection and the Life!


 “I AM” the Perfect Poise which controls everything!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! charge my entire mind and body with Thy Ascended Master Consciousness and keep It eternally sustained.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! see that the flesh of this body never again records any human quality; and keep it forever filled only with Thyself, and express Thy Glorious Perfection.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! these are Your hands. Pour forth through them always Thy Healing Miracles and Full Perfection.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! put me in my own right harmonious place and sustain me there.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! move everywhere before me today, and do all for me and through me perfectly!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! protect me from the human suggestions of the outer world, that I may go forth only accepting Thy Mighty Self and Thy Perfection forever.


“I AM”! Inexhaustible Energy!
“I AM”! Irresistible Divine Love!
“I AM”! Indestructible Health!
“I AM”! Inescapable Prosperity!
“I AM”! Invincible Protection!

“I AM”! the “Mighty Presence” on guard every second this day, instantly annihilating all that seeks to disturb, and holding my full God Dominion in this place forever.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! consume in me and my world all doubt, fear, jealousy, pride, resentment, irritation, criticism, condemnation and judgment, their cause and effect, replacing them by the Fullness of the Perfection which Thou art, keeping It Self-sustained in the ever expanding Light of Thy Glorious Presence.


Say to the body:
“I AM” the “Presence” commanding you to be strong and take on the Beauty of Form and Expression of the “Mighty I AM Presence” forever.


For heart trouble say:
My breath is the great Love Breath from out the Great Central Sun. My Heart is God’s Heart, the very center of Divine Love, and Its Light fills me now!


“I AM” the “Light of God That Never Fails” now made permanently manifest in my flesh as Self-­luminosity.


“I AM” the cleansing process always active in my mind and body, consuming all imperfection and revealing the Purity “I AM.”

“I AM” the Resurrection and Life of my business, my understanding and whatever I wish to center my attention upon.
“I AM” the Resurrection, the Life and the Health of my body made manifest in my flesh today.


Hands, feet, body:
These are God’s Hands and Feet and I charge them with the Power, Perfection and Perfect Love of the “Mighty I AM Presence” forever.

“I AM”! the Mighty Electronic Energy flowing through, filling and renewing every cell of my mind and body, right now.

“I AM” the “Presence” breathing Perfection in and through this physical flesh body forever.

The “I AM Presence” governs this physical body completely and compels it into obedience.

“I AM” the “Presence” qualifying this mind and body with absolute Perfection, and refusing acceptance to anything else.


Whatever there is of imperfection in me must get out! I qualify everything in my being and world this day with Perfection, because “I AM” Perfection!


“I AM” the “Presence” arranging my time in Perfect Divine Order.


“I AM” the “Presence” producing the perfect business I desire.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! illumine this for me and tell me Your Full Truth concerning it.


“MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”! Don’t let any person, place, condition or thing dare influence me but Your and the Ascended Masters’ Perfection. “Mighty I AM,” see that I do not take on suggestions from any person, place, condition or thing, but You and Your Perfection and that of the Ascended Masters—forever!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! give me the time to do this thing (loving Thee), and make me do it in that time.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! give me this Perfect ______________ (thing or condition) through Divine Love.


Place every human being in Thy Perfect Channel of Employment or Activity! Show each one the Perfect Thing to do and make him do all perfectly! Release Thy lavish Supply of every good thing to all! See that they use it in the Service of the Light forever and set mankind Eternally Free.


“I AM”! the Pure Mind of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence” forever!

“I AM”! the Pure Love of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”!

“I AM”! the Pure Feeling of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”!

“I AM”! the Pure Speech of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”!

“I AM”! the Pure Sight of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”!

“I AM”! the Pure Hearing of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence”! Forever, forever, and forever.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! show me Your Way. It seems to be my duty to do this thing; so show me Your Way.


For Problems:
“I AM”! the Ascended Masters’ annihilation of this, and its cause and effect forever.

Through the “Presence” which “I AM”—this thing shall cease now and forever, and is replaced by Saint Germain’s Perfection.


For Mistakes:
“Mighty I AM Presence”! forgive my mistakes! Come forth in Thy Infinite Power, and transmute that energy into a Mighty Ascended Master Miracle of Perfection made manifest today.

“Mighty I AM Presence”! come into this condition and solve it perfectly.

I call my “Mighty I AM Presence” and Saint Germain’s Ascended Master Consciousness to come forth and solve this _____________ for me forever!


“I AM”! always enfolded in the Mantle of the Master Christ; therefore, I maintain my thoughts, feelings and words free from all criticism and judgment.


“I AM”! the All-Knowing Mind of God! I do know the right solution of this problem, and I solve it now through Divine Love.


“I AM” the “Presence” and Power in my world this day that conquers every problem by the “Light and Love of God that never fail,” and that hold Its Eternal Victory and Freedom.


I place all my problems within the Heart of the “Great I AM,” and “I AM” at Peace in the “Light of God That Never Fails.”


“I AM”! the Mighty Ascended Master Solution of this problem, now and forever.


“I AM”! the Ascended Masters’ Instantaneous Solution and Miraculous Victory in this problem, and the feeling of God control fills me forever.


“I AM”! the Strength, Courage, and Power to move forward steadily through all experiences whatever they may be, and remain joyous and uplifted, feeling only the Peace and Harmony at all times of the Glorious Presence which “I AM”!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! God in me, is my certain Victory, and I cannot fail!


Silence! Peace! and Obedience! to the “Mighty I AM Presence” forever!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! take me into Your Heart and reveal to me and through me the Fullness of Thyself, instantly, infinitely, and eternally manifest.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! see that this home, this environment, and all connected with it are governed harmoniously, and that all who enter manifest only the Ascended Master Activity.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! take me to the Golden Temple of Light tonight while my body sleeps! Charge my being and world with Its Light, Energy and Perfection, and see that I bring back Its Full Perfection into my physical body and outer activity when I awaken.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! seize possession and control of my attention! Keep it upon Thee and Thy Perfection forever, and do not let it ever wander again.


“I AM” a Child of the Light! I love the Light! I live in the Light! I serve the Light! I bless the Light! I worship the Light! I am eternally supplied by the Light! protected by the Light! healed by the Light and forever sustained by the Light; and “I AM” the Limitless Outpouring of all Light, until Its Radiance comes through my flesh, illumines everything I contact, and keeps It eternally sustained!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! charge me with the Ascended Masters’ Feeling and Victory of the Ascension.



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