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Violet Flame
Loved Ones

Tube of Light

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” enfold me now in my Mighty Magic Electronic Tube of Ascended Masters’ Light Substance! Make It so powerful no human creation can pass through! See that It keeps me Invisible, Invincible, and Invulnerable to everything but Thy Almighty Perfection; Infinitely and Divinely Sensitive to Thee and Thy Divine Perfection, “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” and eternally non-recordant to human creation!

(Visualize and feel It.)


Wall of Blue Flame

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” and Great Sanat Kumara! Keep me and every person, place, condition, and thing under the Radiation of the Ascended Master Saint Germain, surrounded with the Invincible Wall of Blue Flame, outside the Tube of Light, as added Protection, until all are Free in the Ascension. We thank Thee Thou dost always answer our every Call.

(Visualize and feel It.)


Violet Consuming Flame

“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,” blaze up through me now, Your Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, the Purifying Power of Divine Love, in Its most Powerful, Dynamic Activity! Consume cause, effect, record, and memory forever, of all human concepts, desires, and feelings in my being and world, and every mistake for which my outer self is responsible! Replace it with the Ascended Masters’ Electronic Substance of Light, Love, Purity, and Perfection; and hold Your Dominion within me forever!

(Visualize and feel It.)



“Mighty I AM Presence”! take out of me all doubt and fear, and charge me with Thy Eternal Love, Courage, Strength, Protection, and ever-expanding Perfection.


“I AM” the ever-present Ascended Master Protection in my being and world, that no human creation can ever break through.


O Blest “I AM,” my way is clear,
Thy Love Supreme stands ever near;
Thy Glorious Presence, “Great I AM,”
Forever is my own God Flame.
Steadfast I stand now facing Thee
And naught can interfere with me;
Thy blazing Love does now enfold
And I Thy very Hand do hold.


"MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”! Come forth here and take possession! Give me Invincible Protection! Hold control of my feelings! Charge forth Your Dominion! and keep It eternally sustained!


“I AM”! the Mighty Cosmic Light, Divine Justice and Protection acting in the minds and Hearts of individuals everywhere.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! protect forever every Student in this Group, and all under this Radiation, and hold each one steady in his effort to reach Perfection.


"MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”! Don’t let any feeling register in me and my world but the Heart of Your Love. Protect my feelings by Your Invincible Wall of Light forever!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! You are the only Presence, Power, and Intelligence acting in my business. Protect and take it forward to Your Complete Success and Perfection, forever self-sustained in Blazing, Glorious Light, manifesting Mighty Miracles of Perfection, now.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! protect me from the human suggestions of the outer world, that I may go forth only accepting Thy Mighty Self and Thy Perfection forever.


Mighty Ascended Masters and Great Legions of Light! fill America with that Light, Love, Protection and Power as of a thousand suns, and keep Her forever Invincible to all but Thy Mighty Perfection.


“I AM” sealed forever in the Peace, Protection, Security, Love, Wisdom, Power, Supply and Freedom of the “Light of God That Never Fails.”


Because “I AM” Thee and Thou art me, “I AM” Protected, Illumined, Supplied and Free!


“Mighty I AM Presence”! seize that energy! Requalify it by Your Divine Love and Perfection; and anchor it in my world, maintaining Ascended Master Protection and Perfection for me forever.


My “Mighty I AM Presence”! Thou art my way, my protection, my defense and my deliverance from all disturbing conditions, and the instantaneous annihilation of their cause! Thou, my God-Victorious “Presence,” come forth and manifest with Full Power through this mind and body forever.


“Mighty I AM Presence”! come forth and charge this house (home or activity) with the combined Love, Peace and Protection of the Ascended Host, and hold It there forever.


Mighty Divine Director and Legions of Light! Fill America with that Light, Love, Protection, and Power as of a Thousand Suns that never fail, and keep Her forever Invincible to all but Thy Mighty Perfection.



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