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In appearance this beloved Master is glorious and magnificent to behold. His eyes fascinate one by the tremendous Light and Power which shines out through them; but the Wisdom and Love that flow to the beholder bring such peace, one simply worships in silent adoration the mighty presence and intelligence which can be so celestial. Great streams of white lightning flash forth from His head. A ray of Divine Love blazes from His Heart, and an intense radiance comes forth from the throat center. The garments He wears are transcendently beautiful, the jewels which adorn them being condensations of Light that flash continually.

The adorable presence of Beloved Cyclopea is tall, majestic, and God-like in every detail, the very embodiment of the limitless power of Light and Love; and the beholder realizes that He wields Power and authority which could control a system of worlds. May the students of the “Mighty I AM Presence,” America, and the world know more of this marvelous Being of Light and Love, and be forever grateful for the gift He continually bestows so graciously upon all. Cyclopea, Thou All-Seeing Eye of God! May the “Mighty I AM Presence” bless Thee forever with our limitless, eternal love and gratitude for the transcendent service Thou dost bestow upon mankind and this Earth.

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As you turn your attention to the use of the Sacred Fire, I want you to learn to hold the picture. Of course, the first part of that is always the Violet Flame. Blaze It into and around yourselves, and feel that you are just a Being of the Violet Consuming Flame. Forget that you are in a flesh body, but rather feel that you are a Being of the Sacred Fire, the Violet Consuming Flame first. Then as that expands, as the violet color expands and passes off, from within there can come the pink, the white, the gold, and so on. And then there can come, just like a rainbow, hues that play in the atmosphere about you. Now the reason for this is to bring a balance within your emotional body and to bring energy into the actual channels of the nerves—I mean bring the nerve fluid, which is Liquid Light into the cellular structure of the body—with the Conscious Awareness and Understanding that It is the Sacred Fire in you. The Liquid Light that flows through the nerves of the body is in reality the Liquid Fire of the Pure Electronic Essence.


So in holding this picture within you, first of all, that you are just a Being of the Violet Consuming Flame, then dwell within that. Feel It, love It, and watch the Unfed Flame in the Heart expand out through It again and again and again; and the Violet Flame expand, until It fills everything everywhere you can see, until It passes through everybody and everything, until you feel Its Presence with such Power that it will not be difficult for you in the future, as you form this habit to, in the midst of any outer condition, feel yourselves instantly enfolded in Its Blazing Presence that sets into action the Invincible Cosmic Power of the Sacred Fire that repels, and then consumes any discord that might be around you.

Let Us begin with this with a simple Command to the outer self to be still and feel the Being of the Violet Consuming Flame. Feel that your flesh body is the Violet Consuming Flame and the Unfed Flame is the Being that abides within It. Then as you watch that expand and fill everything, you will find the feelings quiet; they will relax. There will come ease, and there will come energy into the portions of the body where you require it. It will be very wonderful, Precious Ones, to overcome congestion or anything in the body that is substance out of place.

Violet Flame Series




I am trying to show you the way Home, trying to make your pathway as happy as possible the rest of your journey in this world. When you wish to give assistance to others—in just one Call to your "Presence": " 'Mighty I AM Presence' and the Ascended Host! Charge the Ascended Masters' Illumining Force into the individual that makes that one do right, or that protects that one against all wrong!"

Keep calling It! You can call Our Violet Consuming Flame; It illumines everything. You can call Our Illumining Presence, Our Illumining Way to make evil cease to be; and We are the Cosmic Authority. And We are the Cosmic Sacred Fire that consumes the evil; therefore, It does prevent its any longer affecting those under this Radiation. So, Blessed Ones, I trust tonight I have given you a Scepter of Power second to none.

Violet Flame Series



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