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Mighty Victory


Our Beloved Messenger, Guy W. Ballard, was and is the open door through which this Light could be given to set us all free. Even Beloved Saint Germain said He tried for six hundred years to get this Light released in the physical world to set mankind free, and only our Beloved Messenger was strong enough to be the open door. Not you nor I nor anyone in this world should ever have credit for that but just our Beloved, Blessed Messenger—our Precious Guy W. Ballard. We all bow before his great strength and Light which have saved us all. We have had countless statements of the Law of Truth and Perfection, but only one person a year out of three and a half billion people on this Earth ever attained his Ascension. Even with all the assistance given mankind in the centuries past, none of us were able to apply what we knew enough to gain our freedom.

Other Ascended Masters
Beloved Godfre's Words






Please do not forget to charge yourselves with Happiness! I think many of you forget that! You want to be happy, but you don’t ask for It. Now isn’t that peculiar. Well, I am prompting you to ask for It, because if you will demand Violet Flame Happiness in your world, you will find It is the Motor of Existence that will bring you infinitely more Power of that Violet Flame than if you feel too serious about Its use.

The Voice of the "I AM." 2008.2:8-9



Beloved of My Heart, again it is Our Privilege to pour forth to you, and through you, more of that Violet Flame Love which your Nation needs, and which your locality needs tonight. So while We have our attention upon the Glory of Its Presence and Its Cosmic Power, try to feel and ask your “Presence” to fill you with It and keep pouring It forth without reservation everywhere you abide—and especially to the West Coast of the Three Americas.

The Voice of the "I AM. 2008.2:5



Do not forget your Calls for the Protection of those who are trying to stand for that which is of God within your borders. Those fearless, brave souls who know how the viciousness that is intended operates and are standing against that in the outer world’s channels, need every Call you can give them. Demand that this Violet Flame Love from the Central Sun wrap Its Immortal, Invincible Protection about them!—and the hordes of darkness dare not face them longer! I’m speaking of your coming conventions and elections. There are many wonderful, blessed beings within the Nation who are just as determined as you are to not yield to those destructive forces and to go into the lion’s den, so to speak, and clean out that which should never have been permitted to come within your borders.

Record SG 2010



If you send forth those Decrees to charge the One Mighty Stroke of Violet Flame Power that the people need to stand against what threatens to destroy them, then We will charge, and their own Higher Mental Bodies will charge them; and that will be like three Violet Flames striking all at once into their mental and feeling world.

The Voice of the "I AM," 2008.2:11



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