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Mighty Victory



Beloved Jesus gave the public example of the Ascension and made the living, pulsating etheric record in the atmosphere of this planet which stands as a Magnet of Light drawing all mankind upward until all make the Ascension. In making the Cosmic Record of His Ascension, He gave a service to our Earth that no other Master has ever given or ever will.

Beloved Saint Germain loves Beloved Jesus very, very deeply, having done so all through the centuries. Because of His great devotion to the Light and great Perfection for which They both labor, He and Beloved Jesus are naturally working together now with the Great Cosmic Messenger known as the Great Divine Director, to bring forth the Permanent Golden, or “I AM” Age for our Earth. This begins with the new civilization destined to come forth in America.

Other Ascended Masters
Beloved Jesus' Words







Just live, move, have your being, and accomplish everything by Cosmic Power of Fiery Christ Victory in such Furious Cosmic Onrush that It sweeps everything before you that is of obstruction or delay.

Record CD 426



Were you to take My Statements one after another and recognize the Sacred Fire within Them and the Light of My Love, and you use My Ascended Jesus Christ Cosmic Christ Consciousness to charge into whatever you wish to manifest in outer conditions, these things would come into your outer use and produce the Perfection or fulfill your Calls without strain and without struggle and with no failure, no obstruction, no delay.

Record CD 833




As this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” expands, and the greater volume of your Call releases the Power, Energy and Activity of the “Presence,” it will make possible greater and greater things in the experience of mankind. That is why We urge everyone to make a sincere, constant Call, and give the Mighty Decrees, so they may go forth, setting the Law of Life in action to produce the results which are in the Decrees.

The Voice of the "I AM," 1941.12:9




Beloved Ones, feel Our Presence; and refuse acceptance to anything but that We are there, and the Flame enfolds you to your Victory. We love you as you cannot possibly understand at this time; but We want the Light in the Heart Center to blaze with such intensity that just great groups of people, thousands and thousands, will rush into the Activity, and all will receive Wave after Wave of Our Light, until they feel the Reality with such Power that It surges forth to assist all mankind, and the shadows flee—this time, forever.

The Voice of the "I AM," 1991.12:31




Blaze that Violet Flame as you’ve never done it before; but recognize that It gives everything you want and nothing that you don’t want. It gives to every situation that which produces Perfection. But just because you say the words is not always the Fullness of Its Action. When you give your Decrees for your Violet Flame, know always that the Picture within of the Action of that Violet Flame with the Love—the feeling of Love for that Violet Flame and for the completed Picture—is just as much a part of your Decrees as your spoken word.

And know that you have a Violet Flame mind! Heavens! You have no idea what that will do to the thoughts you’ve had before. And it is well to experiment with new things, you know—not that the Violet Flame is so new, but It is to you. Just think, Precious Ones, you’ve only known of this practically about fifteen years; yet It’s always been in the Universe. And now as you go forward, feel yourselves the Family of the Violet Flame; feel that your Nation is the Heart of the World, the Heart of Violet Flame. Know that everything you touch belongs to that Violet Flame, for It is Life’s Love that loves to set you Free.

Record SG 2002; Cassette 6 0385



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