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Beloved Mary, Mother of Jesus, is one of the Lady Ascended Masters who pours out Her Great Cosmic Healing Power to those who have been wounded in war. She gives Ease, Peace and Comfort to all.

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Beloved Mary's Words







You are all seeking Happiness. You are all seeking, really, the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan. Life is ever searching and feeling out into the Life around it for that which is its security of Eternal Happiness. And since Eternal Happiness only abides within the Heart Control of Life, the Love, the Wisdom, and the Power must come through the energy of the feeling world of the individual. It must come through the emotional action of the outer self if Happiness is to be found and Happiness maintained. So everything that is of Perfection depends upon the Ascended Masters’ Heart Control of Life. When you call to your “Beloved I AM Presence” for the Ascended Masters’ Heart Control, the Sacred Fire Heart Control of your Life within you to take Its Dominion and hold control of all Life around you, you will have wondrous experiences and will begin to realize deeply what the Magic “Presence” of the “Beloved I AM” is to Life.

In order to understand all that your “Beloved I AM Presence” is and can do for you, the Unfed Flame in the Heart must be given Unconditional Dominion through the outer self; and that means the Perfect Balance of Love, Wisdom, and Power hold the Ascended Masters’ Purity and Control of all outer action. And I assure you, that is never out of balance and never contains one imperfection and never hurts Life anywhere. And so, when we come to the Great Solvent of the Universe, the Great Dissolving Power of Life, It is the Ascended Masters’ Purifying Sacred Power of the Violet Consuming Flame’s Love. And if you give It to Life, My Dear Ones, if you just form the habit when you see imperfection anywhere, of calling the Ascended Masters’ Violet Flaming, Purifying Heart Control of all that you see, it will be like a Hand sweeping away the imperfection and allowing the Great Divine Plan to hold control of outer world conditions. This you must have in order to maintain Protection about yourselves, about the things that are held under your use, about your loved ones, and about that which is constructive.



So when you need to change conditions in the outer world, instead of feeling that you must seek in outer conditions for the solution of your problems, if you will call forth the Ascended Masters’ Purifying Sacred Fire Heart Control of everything in yourselves and around yourselves, everything with which you come in contact, you will find that which is of the sinister force fleeing at your approach because the Sacred Fire from the Ascended Masters’ Octave goes before you and clears the way. If you are to be free from problems, then since your control of energy and substance and your feeling produced your problems, you are going to have to call the Ascended Masters’ Sacred Fire Purifying Heart Control into the things of this world if your problems are to be solved and disappear.

I know that as you begin to experiment with this even in a little way, your joy will know no bounds, and there will come within you more of the Power and Strength of your Higher Mental Bodies to hold Dominion in all outer world conditions, that your protection and your supply and your health may be maintained. So My Loved Ones, I hope you will call to Me whenever you need a reminder of all that this Power can do for you. And if you will call, I will always answer—always!

The Voice of the "I AM," December 1997



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