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Mighty Victory



The rose is the highest development of plant life on this Earth and has been used throughout the centuries as a symbol of the expansion of the Light within the Heart.

Other Ascended Masters
Beloved Rose of Light's Words







Many times in Healing, if you want very rapid Healing, as you call to your “Beloved I AM Presence” and to Us to release the Great Central Sun’s Heart Flame of Sacred Fire’s Purifying Love that loves that whole condition up and out of every destructive rate of vibration—you can have all the Healings you want, Blessed Ones. It will produce Miracles without limit. And if you should ask for the Mightiest Miracles that the Great Central Sun’s Heart Flame can produce in this world, to protect and expand everything that is of God, the “Mighty I AM Presence,” as you call forth the Expansion of all the good, all that is of God in this world, all that is constructive—you call for Its Expansion and Its Protection—you give the Great Cosmic Law the Opening. And when We speak of the Great Cosmic Law, We mean the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who govern this world and the system. You give those Great Beings an Opportunity to expand the Light where the discord has seemed to be; and when that comes into any focus on the Earth, for that locality, It continues to expand until It covers the world, and purifies it, also. So the Blessing that comes back to those who will give Us this cooperation continues for Eternity, and frees the rest of Life as well as the individual who sends It forth.



When you are willing to let the Love from the Great Central Sun Magnet, the Great Central Sun's Heart Flame—and you are willing to call forth the "Mighty I AM Presence"' own Heart Flame of your Life Streams, then the Heart Flame's Love from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, and send that forth into outer world conditions with your Demand for the Purification that protects all that is of God—the moment you are ready to do that, and then you start in to make the Call, you practice It, your "Beloved I AM Presence" will release more of Its Light into your flesh bodies to heal them, protect them, perfect them, to illumine the mind, and then to pour forth into your outer world affairs everything that gives you success.



And the only thing that is the success of that which is constructive is the Gift of Love from the Heart Flame of each one's "Might I AM Presence," as well as the Heart Flames of the Ascended Masters and the Great Central Sun Magnet. The Heart Flame of the Great Central Sun is the Great Cohesive Power of the Universe; and It will draw and draw and draw into one focus after another anything and everything that is constructive—when the Command goes forth for Love to produce that.

Chart Talk Four




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