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Saint Germain



Having made the Ascension as Beloved Jesus did, Beloved Saint Germain is now the Great Master who has charge of the New Civilization that is to come forth in America.

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Beloved Saint Germain's Words






Try to remember the Victory of the Power, Force, and Action of the Violet Consuming Flame's Purifying Freedom. Now it seems like maybe a long sentence, but it contains a lot of good Qualities; and I am sure you can use every one of Them.

Record CD 620



If I were to place a million dollars a minute in your hands and use, it wouldn’t be a fragment of the Wealth and the Power and the Blessing of Perfection that I give you in the use and Knowledge of this Blessed Violet Consuming Flame. (applause)

Cassette 6 0410



Calmly and silently know that the Mighty Radiance is spread over the entire country, touching all Hearts, and raising them into the receptivity of that Mighty Radiance. There has been an attempt to turn the tide against Justice, and We trust this will prevent it!

Ascended Master Instruction:22




Please! somebody stand with Me, and forgive! forgive! forgive! everybody's mistakes and everybody's problems, by what the Ascended Masters know will forgive them! Remove them from the planet! Remove them to save this Earth! Remove them to bring Peace to Life everywhere!



When you need supply in the physical octave, you must hold the picture of the supply. You do not realize how many negative pictures are in your consciousness! When you think you have no money, the picture in your mind is your purse or your pocket without the money. If you want the money, hold the picture of the money. If you don't mind, I am going to keep after you on this until you've got plenty of supply of everything! (applause) Thank you so much. Now, when We mention supply, don't always qualify it with money. Qualify it with whatever the "Presence," your "Beloved I AM Presence" and the Ascended Host know you are going to require as well as what you do require at the immediate moment. Sometimes it may be energy that you need. Sometimes it may be Ascended Master Friends. Sometimes it may be fresh air. Sometimes it may be opportunity....

When We ask you to call forth the supply of every good thing that you are going to need and what We know you are going to need, then hold the picture in the mind of the Hand of your "Presence" reaching down, and within that—lowering from Our Ascended Masters' Octave is the Onrush and the Giving of the Gifts from the Ascended Masters' Octave that will bring into you and your conditions that which fulfills the Divine Plan.

Record CD 1063



I should call you today "My Violet Flame Family"; for you do not know what it means to Me, Beloved Ones, for your willingness to give these Violet Flame Decrees and keep Violet Flame Groups going in these Sanctuaries. It is the thing that has been needed for so long; and at last to find a few people who love that Violet Flame in Its Great Consuming Cosmic Love and use It for themselves and the rest of Life—I tell you, it is like Light in the darkness showing you your way back to Freedom.

And you will never know until your Ascension how grateful I am for your willingness to use It and to continue to use It in the Power that set you all Free forever.

Record CD 358; Cassette 6 0213



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