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Mighty Victory



The Great Cosmic Being Victory says: “I wish you might experiment just acknowledging Victory in everything you do for just one day––qualifying It, charging all the substance in your world with It, and refusing acceptance to everything but My Victory!”




Other Ascended Masters
Beloved Victory's Words







Tonight, in the atmosphere, as this Focus is drawn high in the atmosphere over this region, Its Rays reach down like an Enfolding Tube around certain activities on the West Coast, and can be focused individually, as well as for the city or any local condition. I wish you to feel aware of this, if you will, and if you care to hold the Picture of yourselves moving within not only a Ray of that Activity, but from those two Stars, that Ray comes down into the physical body like a hollow tube which comes to you from Our Focus of the Sacred Fire Love.

The Voice of the 1976.1:5



As you enfold conditions in the physical world in the Luminous Presence of your “Electronic Presence” and Causal Body and Higher Mental Body, it draws down into this world from the Ascended Masters’ Octave—with which your “Presence” is One—It draws into this world those Light Rays and the flow of Cosmic Light Substance, as well as the Sacred Fire, into the physical conditions to raise the vibratory action into the Perfection of the “Presence.”

Now when We have asked you to hold the Picture of the “Presence,” the Electronic Body, and the Causal Body around an individual that is unascended, I do not wish you to try to feel that your “Presence” has descended here. It projects a Light Ray and the Cosmic Light Substance of the Higher Mental Body in and around the outer self, and establishes a Luminous Presence that is the replica of Itself, which the Higher Mental Body is. The Higher Mental Body projects the replica of Itself around the person, place, or condition to which you wish to give help; and as that is drawn into outer physical conditions, It raises the vibratory action of the substance and energy which It is surrounding. It raises that vibratory action into Its own rapid Vibratory Action which is Perfection.



Therefore, every time you say, "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence," hold the Picture of that Chart, hold the Picture of your “Electronic Body” within the Causal Body and remember this: when the Higher Mental Body raises into the Causal Body, It draws into Itself the greater intensity of the Sacred Fire that is required in Cosmic Action to the world around you. But when the Higher Mental Body enfolds the outer self, It would only come to just below the Heart, and it would seem as if a Blazing Sun Presence were enfolding the whole upper part of the body.

Chart Talk Three




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